The Connected Generation

Barna’s Largest Study EverLearn More »

The Connected Generation Country Reports

Country-Specific Insights from Barna’s Largest Study EverLearn More »

The UK Church in Action

Restoring a Reputation for JusticeLearn More »

Finding Faith in Ireland

Go inside the minds of Irish youthLearn More »

Good Faith

Society is changing its mind about the Christian way of thinking and livingLearn More »

You Lost Me

See how  God is at work in the next generation of young adults—and find out how you can join inLearn More »

Barna Trends 2018

Your comprehensive guide to the latest cultural, religious and political trendsLearn More »

Making Space for Millennials

Designed to help you make the most of your current and future partnerships with Millennials

Learn More »

Gen Z

A new generation is becoming a cultural force in their own rightLearn More »

Christians Who Make a Difference

Those Who Care…Grow

Learn More »

Transforming Scotland

Ministry in a Post-Christian CultureLearn More »

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